LCD Screens for Sale 

Resell – means all of this LCD’s refurbished well done, used only OEM best quality parts. Installed camera ring, sensor ring, ear mesh.

Quality grade:
1) OEM quality

All screens are tested before leaving the factory, and they have a 6 month warranty from all defects. We do not cover human damage. For payment, we accept credit, debit, wire transfer, and PayPal.

Brand / Model (s)Assembly LevelQuality GradeUSD PRICE
iPhone 4 / 4SOEMGrade A15.5
iPhone 4 / 4SNON-OEMGrade A9.2
iPhone 5 / 5S /5COEMGrade A18.5
iPhone 5 / 5S /5CNON-OEMGrade A12
iPhone SEOEMGrade A18.5
iPhone SENON-OEMGrade A12
iPhone 6OEMGrade A19
iPhone 6NON-OEM Grade A15.5
iPhone 6 PlusOEMGrade A20.5
iPhone 6 PlusNON-OEMGrade A16.5
iPhone 6SOEMGrade A28.9
iPhone 6SNON-OEM Grade A20
iPhone 6S PlusOEMGrade A35
iPhone 6S PlusNON-OEMGrade A22.5
iPhone 7OEMGrade A68
iPhone 7NON-OEMGrade A23.2
iPhone 7 PlusOEM Grade A92
iPhone 7 PlusNON-OEM Grade A24.8
iPod Touch 4 OEMGrade A15.8
iPod Touch 5OEMGrade A39
iPad 2 (touch glass with home)OEMGrade A13.9
iPad 2 (touch glass with home)High Copy QualityGrade A8.9
iPad 2 (lcd/no touch)OEMGrade A39
iPad 3 (touch glass with home)High Copy QualityGrade A8
iPad 3 (lcd/no touch)OEMGrade A24
iPad 4 (touch glass with home)High Copy QualityGrade A8
iPad 4 (lcd/no touch)OEMGrade A24
iPad Air (touch glass with home) High Copy QualityGrade A16
iPad Air (lcd/no touch)High Copy QualityGrade A60
iPad Air 2 (lcd/touch)OEMGrade A95
iPad Mini (touch glass with home) High Copy QualityGrade A19
iPad Mini (lcd/no touch)OEMGrade A30
iPad Mini (lcd/no touch)OEMGrade A31
iPad Mini 2 (touch glass with home)High Copy QualityGrade A19
iPad Mini 2 (lcd/no touch)OEMGrade A50
iPad Mini 3 (touch glass without home)High Copy QualityGrade A18
iPad Mini 3 (lcd/no touch)OEMGrade A55
iPad Mini 4 (lcd/touch)OEMGrade A90
iPad Pro (lcd/touch)OEM (9.7 inch)Grade A144
iPad Pro (lcd/touch)OEM (12.9 inch)Grade A155
iPod Touch 4thOEMGrade A13
iPod Touch 5thOEMGrade A38
Galaxy S3OEM (offer frame)Grade A44
Galaxy S3OEM (no offer frame)Grade A48
Galaxy S4OEM (offer frame)Grade A36
Galaxy S4OEM (no offer frame)Grade A34
Galaxy S5OEM (no offer frame)Grade A62
Galaxy S5OEM (offer frame)Grade A65
Galaxy S6OEM(no offer frame)Grade A135
Galaxy S6 EdgeOEM(no offer frame)Grade A159
Galaxy S6 Edge PlusOEM(no offer frame)with homeGrade A195
Galaxy S7OEM(no offer frame)Grade A130
Galaxy S7 EdgeOEM(no offer frame)Grade A185
Galaxy S8OEM(no offer frame)Grade A219
Galaxy S8 PlusOEM(no offer frame)Grade A228
Galaxy Note 2OEM(offer frame)Grade A60
Galaxy Note 2OEM(no offer frame)Grade A50
Galaxy Note 3OEM(offer frame)Grade A100
Galaxy Note 3OEM(no offer frame)Grade A102
Galaxy Note 4OEM(no offer frame)Grade A140
Galaxy Note 5OEM(no offer frame)Grade A145
Galaxy A3OEM(no offer frame)Grade A80
Galaxy A5OEM(no offer frame)Grade A80
Galaxy A7OEM(no offer frame)Grade A90
Galaxy A8OEM(no offer frame)Grade A120
Galaxy A9OEM(no offer frame)Grade A120
Galaxy C5OEM(no offer frame)Grade A120
Galaxy C7OEM(no offer frame)Grade A120
Galaxy C9OEM(no offer frame)Grade A120
Galaxy J2OEM(no offer frame)Grade A75
Galaxy J3OEM(no offer frame)Grade A80
Galaxy J110OEM(no offer frame)Grade A82
Galaxy J5OEM(no offer frame)Grade A42
Galaxy J7OEM(no offer frame)Grade A70
Galaxy E7OEM(no offer frame)Grade A90
Galaxy A310OEM(no offer frame)Grade A100
Galaxy A510OEM(no offer frame)Grade A100
Galaxy A710OEM(no offer frame)Grade A115
Galaxy A910OEM(no offer frame)Grade A115
Galaxy Tab A T280OEMGrade A65
Galaxy Tab A T285OEMGrade A65
Galaxy Tab A T550OEMGrade A110
Galaxy Tab A T580OEMGrade A125
Galaxy Tab S T700OEMGrade A165
Galaxy Tab S T800OEMGrade A165
Galaxy Tab S T805OEMGrade A165
Galaxy Tab S2 T710OEMGrade A205
Galaxy Tab S2 T715COEMGrade A205
Galaxy Tab S2 T810OEMGrade A225
Galaxy Tab S2 T815COEMGrade A225
Galaxy Tab 4 T330OEMGrade A65
Galaxy Tab 4 T331OEMGrade A65
Galaxy Tab 4 T335OEMGrade A65
Galaxy Tab 4 T530OEMGrade A65
Galaxy Tab 4 T531OEMGrade A65
Galaxy Tab 4 T535OEMGrade A65
Galaxy Tab Pro T320OEMGrade A95
Galaxy Tab Pro T321OEMGrade A95
Galaxy Tab Pro T325OEMGrade A95
Galaxy Tab Pro T520OEMGrade A110
Galaxy Tab Pro T525OEMGrade A110
Galaxy Tab Pro T900OEMGrade A120
Galaxy Tab P6800OEMGrade A75

The price updated on August 24 th, 2017. 

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